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Here’s What Electric Cars Can Do (Apart From Saving The Environment).

  1. Save your money
    The price of an EV can be similar to petrol or diesel cars, but the maintenance costs work out much, much cheaper in the long run. Enhanced fuel efficiency, the lower cost of electricity, tax incentives and special government grants ensure this. In addition, electric cars are designed to be seriously efficient (would anyone buy them otherwise?), reducing wear-and-tear to a bare minimum. And this is just you saving money on maintenance. Imagine the fuel costs: zero.
  2. Easy charging
    All you need to do to charge your EV is, well, plug it into the charging cable. Just like your phone or laptop. A 7kW home charging port can charge most electric vehicles to a full capacity of 8 to 12 hours. But there are faster alternatives – a rapid charger can charge your car to about 80% in 30 minutes. So much cheaper and easier than a regular visit to the gas station.
  3. A quieter driving experience
    One of the first things you will notice about your new EV is how quiet it is. It makes driving so much more relaxing. The only noise EVs tend to generate is caused by wind resistance or tires – and only at moderate to high speeds.
  4. A better driving experience
    All EVs have instant torque which, as you know, means instant power. The immediate response and surge of speed make EVs ideal for driving in the city. But there’s more. The batteries are often found in the floor of the car, which aids balance and weight distribution – turning corners and curves becomes effortless and safe.
  5. Even window shopping is fun
    Exciting new technologies promise to cut charging time, extend rage and enhance safety. Design is sleeker and more sophisticated than ever before. The tough part isn’t deciding to get an EV. It’s deciding which EV to get.
  6. They’re just seriously cool

Standard EV features include: regenerative braking, pre-conditioning, heated/cooled seats and steering wheels, charger timing and remote access. The last feature allows you to check your car’s status from your phone or computer and set the temperature in advance (no more butt-freezing while waiting for the heater to kick in).

Imagine, for a moment, that you don’t care about the environment. (We know you do, we just want you to imagine you don’t.) There are still so many reasons to buy an EV. You can do your part by encouraging less environmentally-conscious friends and family members to give one a go. People want what works for them.

An EV will work for them. The fact that it will also work for the environment is a wonderful and much-needed bonus.

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