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Tesla: Make Eco-friendly Affordable

How used Tesla cars can reduce air pollution and your expenses

Tesla has been hailed has a revolution. Surprisingly, there is some justification to the accolades it has received. Tesla cars differ from standard vehicles in so many ways; they are more than an eco-friendly version of a regular car.

Any Tesla car has definite environmental benefits, but is a used car really worth it? We won’t leave you hanging. The answer is yes, because it’s a Tesla. Apart from saving you tons of money in different ways, a Tesla is designed to last.

The truth is, you can’t really separate the environmental and economic benefits of owning a Tesla (used or brand new). The two are intertwined.

Let’s find out how.

Tesla cars don’t have “parts” that need replacing.
If you think of all the non-biodegradable car parts that end up in landfills, you’ll realize how important this is. There are no standard parts in a Tesla car, so you don’t need to change bits and pieces of it every year. You need to change the battery every 10 years, but that’s it. Seriously. The only thing you’ll need to change are the tires. It goes without saying that this feature also saves you money on maintenance in the long run.

Fuelled by electricity

Most cars use gas for fuel. You already know the damage that causes in terms of carbon emissions being released into the air. But Tesla cars use electricity as fuel. Electricity doesn’t cause air pollution. It doesn’t cause noise pollution either – an important benefit in a time where cities all over the world are dealing with incredible amounts of noise pollution. You know the other benefit? All the lovely money you’ll save by not having to pay for gas.

A used Tesla has great re-sale value

The main drawback with second-hand hand cars is very few people want to buy a third-hand car. But because of Elon Musk’s high profile and the innovation his company is known for, there is always a market for Tesla cars – including used ones, given their low maintenance costs and incredible durability. By the way, even if you don’t sell it to someone else, you can sell it back to Tesla. The company is known for recycling its old cars and providing customers with compensation.

1 litre of oil can pollute 1 million litres of water.

But Tesla cars don’t need oil at all.
Regular vehicles need oil to run. Tesla vehicles do not. Oil is not needed at all – no transmission fluids, no brake fluids. The company has figured out how to manufacture electrical parts that perform the same functions, but require less maintenance. (Once again, saving you money in the long run – both on oil prices and maintenance work, even years down the line.)

To sum up, imagine that most people, if not all, end up driving Teslas. Cities will become cleaner, air will be safe to breathe, and noise pollution will cease to exist. And money will be saved.

There is only one conclusion to be drawn from this: a used Tesla makes saving the environment affordable.

What are you waiting for?

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