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The 10 Best Electric Cars of 2020

Electric cars are cheaper to run, easier to maintain, and better for the environment. The auto industry is more invested in them than ever before, enhancing these cars with stunning aesthetics, luxury interiors, and state-of-the-art technology.
Let’s take a look at some of the best electric cars on the market this yea

1.Kia Soul EV
$38,500 | Range: 111 mi

The Kia Soul EV is packed with performance, comfort, refinement, and technology. It’s almost unbeatable when it comes to safety. Top Gear reviews reveal that it has near-perfect predicted reliability and superb crash test scores. The design is bold and punchy, not to everyone’s taste, but there’s plenty of agility beneath that boxy exterior. The interiors are of high quality – spacious seats, a large cargo hold, and a first-class cabin, and an in-built 8-in touch screen with smartphone connectivity.

2.Tesla Model S
$75,000 | Range: 259 to 373 mi

According to U.S. News, the Tesla Model S has a greater range than any other EV currently on the market. It also offers a dynamic and powerful performance, not always found in EVs. It has a luxury, high quality interior with plenty of room for passengers and baggage. Its standard features include a 17-inch touch screen, voice-activated controls, a Wi-Fi hot spot, heated seats, Sentry Mode, and Autopilot.

3.Hyundai Ioniq Electric
$30,315 |124 mi

You’ll find peppy acceleration and adequate passenger space, with plenty of room for large amounts of cargo. Although test drivers didn’t rate its comfort on bumpy roads very high, in terms of safety, it has performed very well in crash tests and its predicted reliability rating is well above average. Standard features include a 7-inch touch screen, heated seats and smartphone connectivity.

4.Chevrolet Bolt
$36,620 | Range: 259 mi

The Bolt EV has a noteworthy range, powerful acceleration and a spacious interior. It’s also got a great feeling of stability at high speeds and around corners. Its hatchback configuration gives it has a good-sized cargo hold. Standard features include a Wi-Fi hot spot, GM’s Teen Driver safety system, and a 10.2-inch touch screen with smartphone integration. Unlike most other EVs on this list, it’s currently available in every state.

5.Tesla Model X
$81,000 | | Range: 237 to 328 mi

The only fully electric SUV that offers seating for seven passengers (in three rows), the Tesla Model X also has a commendable range, super powerful acceleration and plenty of cargo space. Its standard features include a 17-inch touch screen, Wi-Fi hot spot, a 17-speaker stereo, voice command activation, an air filtration system, heated seats and steering wheel, a panoramic windshield and Tesla’s famous Autopilot system, among other things.

6.Hyundai Kona Electric
$36,990 | Range: 258 mi

A fantastic range. Great acceleration. An attractive interior with roomy seats and more than enough cargo space. This subcompact crossover from Hyundai is a great all-rounder, with an impressive list of standard features that include a 7-inch touch screen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, and a myriad of advanced driver assistance technologies. You can also get a special feature – a battery warmer that makes for easier charging and better range in cold weather.

7.Audi e-tron
$74,800 | Range: 204 mi

Arguably the most luxurious EV on the market, the e-tron SUV comes with a magnificent cabin and fabulous safety ratings. You will find it easy to handle, with plenty of room for both passengers and cargos. Its range isn’t the best out there, however. Standard features include a 10.1-inch touch screen, smartphone connectivity, wireless phone charging, a Bang & Olufsen sound system, Audi’s Virtual Cockpit, and active safety aids.

8.Jaguar I-Pace
$69,850 | Range: 234 mi

The Jaguar I-Pace is both efficient and fun. Its all-wheel drive and adaptive air suspension system make it easy to drive off-road as well. You’ll also find a first-rate cabin with two rows of spacious, comfy seats and a large cargo-hold. Standard features include a bunch of effective safety systems, a panoramic sunroof, a dual-screen infotainment system, a Meridian sound system and a 12.3 inch driver display, as well as smartphone integration.

9.Tesla Model 3
$35,000 | Range: 220 to 325 mi

This is the best-selling EV on the market today. Reasons for this include a great performance, astounding rage, perfect crash test ratings and cutting-edge features. You’ll also find plenty of passengers space in both its rows and abundant cargo volume. Its minimally designed cabin with a 15.inch center-mounted touchscreen display that controls pretty much everything in the car. Other standard features include Autopilot, Sentry Mode, and an in-built dash cam.

10.Volkswagen e-Golf
$31,895 | Range: 125 mi

If you’re looking for something affordable and aren’t too fussed about having a superb range, you might want to consider the e-Golf. But there are plenty of other reasons too – including a gorgeous cabin, spacious seating, huge cargo space, and agile handling. Keep in mind that it has a low predicted reliability rating though. Standard features include a responsive 8-inch touch screen, smartphone integration, a panoramic sunroof, heated front seats, and multiple advanced driver assistance systems.

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